The problem with just "getting your sweat on"

An all too common thought before a workout is: “I don’t need to push myself today, I just want to do it for fun.”

Now this is absolutely an irrefutable argument. Because I AGREE! There must be days that we SHOULD just focus on having fun. This is undeniable. Consistency and longevity in this game requires moments like these.

But…too often this mindset is just masking a low confidence in achieving a goal. If we set the bar low, we will always feel like a winner.

To explore our full potential, we have to be real with ourselves and uncover the moments that we tell ourselves these untrue stories.

We all inherently want to win at life; to feel as if we are making the right choices to make the most of our lives. But setting the bar low, in order to feel like a winner today, inevitably results in a life that we wonder why we are losing.

To “win” at life we have to put ourselves out there. Take chances. Take risks. Be bold. And be vulnerable.

Putting ourself out there to fail is scary and uncomfortable. Our ego and pride are at stake. If we fail, we may have to change how we think about ourself. If we fail, we may have to question if we “got what it takes” to succeed. If we don’t put yourself out there, we can protect ourself, our ego, our identity. Avoiding the situations that challenge the status quo, we can always maintain the status quo.

If this is the path we choose, then we are essentially living in fear; and not Living Intentionally to build the life we truly desire.

There are even schools of thought that will say “If you are not growing, you are dying.” That there is no such thing as maintaining the status quo. That even if we avoid all challenges that arise, we are still slipping backwards on developing our self.

You Only Live Once; therefore if this is all we got, then make it a great one. Put yourself out there to lose for the day. Because not wanting to win will only result in missed Opportunities of cultivating the life you always dreamed of.

Live Intentionally,

Coach JOHN


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