The problem with "Fitness"

Using fitness to change your look is a dead end goal. The mere fact that there is no universal truth of what is beautiful should admonish this idea. By changing our look we take a lateral step to look different, but who is to say we look better?

So why are we so seduced to change our look? To pursue fitness in order to "look better naked?"

Because we are told to. We have been consistently fed the perception of what is beautiful. There are a billion conscious and unconscious perceptions of what is ideal. Magazines, social media, and even friends that say, "You look so good!" when we lose weight. We know this; yet we feed into it anyway.

But we don't have to. We are adults; and we can choose to live according to other's ideals, or our own.

"But shouldn't I be proud of my work" you say? Shouldn't I love my body? ABSOLUTELY! But if there is no such thing as universal beauty, then who is to say you are not beautiful today?

So why should I even do fitness? When you ask yourself this question, is when you will begin to see the infinite number of truly beautiful reasons to do fitness.

Training allows to be strong. To have the ability to be our best self, role model, life partner, and career person. When we are fit, we will have the ability to experience, and see, all the beauty that life has to offer. When we are fit, we will validate our own beauty.

The problem with a society that sees fitness as a means to improve their vanity is there are millions of people that are suffering as a result.

There are those that see no reason to do fitness because "I'm happy with my body! They could care less about changing their look. "I may be out of shape, but I'm ok with that!"

Having vanity as the goal, they will never realize the experience of being fit. They will never experience the vitality and life, that being fit provides.

There are also many across the world that struggle to commit to their fitness goals; or even worse (which was the case with me), hit their fitness goals and yet still remain unsatisfied.

For those who struggle with the ability to commit to their fitness goals, the act of setting a vanity goal inherently places the current you in a place of "not good enough." This psychologically already puts you in a mindset that you striving not to fail, instead of striving to succeed. You are attempting to prove that you ARE "good enough."

For those that hit their fitness goals, and still remain unsatisfied, two routes usually transpire. (1) They quit. Why would you put in all that work, to still feel "not good enough?" Or (2) They continue their futile effort but never feel like they are "good enough."

Now we can be like MOST PEOPLE, or we can pursue fitness with a better objective. Notice I said objective, not goal.

Do your next workout with the objective of attaining the ABILITY to live long and prosper (Yes, that's a Star Trek reference).

The ABILITY to be the most productive in your day without crashing mid afternoon. The ABILITY to get sick for one day instead of 2 weeks. The ABILITY to be an inspirational role model for those who look up to you. The ABILITY to know you are "good enough." Not by what you have accomplished, but rather from your proven track of dedication, commitment, and EFFORT.

This is why it is always about "Attitude and Effort".

I hope you join me in this ABILITY OVER VANITY mission. I promise you'll enjoy a more rewarding result from this thing called fitness.

Live Intentionally,

Coach JOHN


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