Stop being afraid of food

Updated: May 27

Cheat days are easy.

Easy to allow ourselves the forgiveness for making a choice not in line with our mission.

But what if the mission was not to "eat healthy" but to rather "eat intentionally" to live happy.

Then everything is fair game! Jack in the Box, Del Taco, and Crumbl bring short term happiness; but as we know, vegetables, leafy greens, and lean meat, bring long term happiness.

Now, short term happiness gets a bad rap. Happiness is happiness. And being happy on the daily is the goal!

What if we didn't demonish short term happiness, but rather INTENTIONALLY (and wisely) chose the right amount of short term happiness in our lives. That perfect amount that provided us exactly the life we want. We will then be able to stop the cycle of "failing and forgiveness."

Let go of the idea that there is "GOOD FOOD" and "BAD FOOD." Food can only be placed on a spectrum of nutritional value. Some have more nutritional value, and some have less.

Become educated on where your food lies on the spectrum. It is then our choice what to do with this information

Gain the knowledge/awareness...DO WORK...Live Intentionally. Repeat.

The moral to the story is CHOOSE what you want out of life; BE INTENTIONAL to do what is required to gain this life; and stop defining these short term happiness moments as "failures", and start truly enjoying our decisions and the life we gain from them.

Live Intentionally, Coach JOHN

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