DECISIONS DECISION - How to overcome the toughest ones

As we grow up, decisions grow to have greater consequences.

We often struggle to decide which of the path will result in the best outcome. Why? Because in some aspect, both paths are shitty.

There is strong statistical evidence that we are more prone to avoid loss, than to achieve again. Therefore, we have the tendency to place great weight to the fear of making the wrong decision. The unconscious rational is if we hold off on making a decision, then we will not lose anything and everything will remain the status quo.

This is not true though.

What we are losing by putting off the decision is time. And as we know, time is one of our most valuable resources.

We have a finite amount of time on this earth. Therefore, let's spend it wisely. Make the BEST decisions we can with the information we know today, and let's move forward.

As they say, the only thing in life that is for sure is death and taxes...not the outcomes of our decisions. So let's DO WORK, dare greatly, and see what's next.


Coach JOHN



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