Family owned, operated, and managed

At home training & nutrition program without the bullsh*t ego, overly complicated workouts, and vanity centric attitude that just stroke fragile egos. This program is for Strong Humans. Individuals that view hard work as an Opportunity to grow, and see failure as a just another stepping stone on the path to success. We provide the tools for you to make fitness a part of who you are. This program is hard; but if you are ready to empower your body to be capable of anything you desire; to wake with purpose, direction, and unyielding determination; then this program is for you.

Each training session is complete with video tutorial and handwritten steps for every day of the year. Crafted by Coach Johnny who is also a real person and available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

SHT is based in Las Vegas and now available worldwide through our online platform.