WADFAM Families



Real WADFAM Families.

We are so proud of our couples and families at WADBOD. In this feature, we wanted to showcase our amazing families that are getting stronger together and cultivating a healthy lifestyle for themselves, and each other. 


The Haskett family was our first couple at WADBOD. Before WADBOD, ROBIN was not an avid gym goer. While she did try to take care of herself and eat nutritionally well, she despised the “traditional gym”. KAREEM has always enjoyed being physically active, but admittedly never saw the need to eat well. Now that they train together at WADBOD, they have grown together, and have grown to appreciate each other’s strengths. Through their passionate dedication to their training they have inspired their 10yo son  to join our WADKIDS class!



JAYMI was the first member of the Letchworth clan to join WADBOD, and it was not until a year later that her husband, MITCHELL, decided to give WADBOD a try. This amazing couple, that have been together since the seventh grade, have now found another positive opportunity for them to grow together. They love being able to be exemplary role models for their two little ones, and look forward to having their kids join us, and be a “badass WADFAM family”!



This power couple came to WADBOD very skeptical. They contemplated joining for over a year. They appreciated working out at the traditional gym, but had trouble making the time. They enjoyed being together, and did not like that when they went to the traditional gym, they would “do their own thing.” Now they love being able to workout right next each other, and rooting each other on. Through their love of training they also have inspired two of their little ones to join our WADKIDS class!









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