Hey WAD Famiglia! A heads up, from Coach JDW, and Baby JOJO…




 How do you do Priority #1? Share this week and Live Intentionally!

Time to LEVEL UP our game!

Coach JASON and I are extremely pumped to implement the coaching and programming strategies we learned this weekend at the LEVEL 2 certification seminar. GET EXCITED! Massive amounts of Opportunity for you to get better is coming your way!

Grab a PARTNER!! The Team Series is coming!

Starting September 19th – October 1st, we will be competing in the CrossFit Team Series. Make sure to ask your favorite teammate to partner up! Watch video below for more details. And “no time for shy” ask a COACH, if you are still not sure what it’s all about.



Missing WADLIFE SATURDAY sessions?! You’re missin’ out!

Saturday sessions are the filled with the most WADBOD spirit of the week! Join us this Saturday for another awesome session!


Time to practice those MU’S!

This week get on those ring rows, and start practicing those MU’S! (Hint, hint) MU’s may be coming up in a POTATOES near you!


EVERYONE please welcome MICHELLE to the WADFAM!!



A few awesome HELL YEA’s about VINCE:

  • Despite having several physical limitations due to a motorcycle accident, he has been a warrior from Day ONE!
  • When he started he could not do a single air squat properly, but look at him now!
  • He has consistently averaged an attendance of 5 days a week since he started!
  • He has real WADBOD Spirit, and is always fired up to train!
  1. Who is your immediate family?
    1. VINCE: wife and kids 
  2. Do you have any passionate hobbies, or business, outside of WADBOD?
    1. VINCE: I love fast cars. I also own a landscaping business. 
  3. Who was the first member to make you feel welcome at WADBOD?
    1. VINCE: Johnny
  4. What is your most proud accomplishment to date?
    1. VINCE: Strength and overall technique. My squat is getting stronger everyday.
  5. What is your unique contribution to WADBOD?
    1. VINCE: My personality. My upbeat and positive attitude.
  6. “WHY” do you train?
    1. VINCE: Because I want to. It is my daily therapy: mind and body. I look forward to coming everyday.

HQ3 UPDATE! The saga continues….

Awesome news this Wednesday! By the grace of Michele Fiore and her camp, we were able to have a meeting with her, her team, and the director of planning. Keep us in your thoughts as we negotiate the future of HQ3 on this property!




The WADBOD WAY excerpt of the week…ABILITY over VANITY.

A real purpose to train is not for body image. We must let go of our superficial insecurities and train for the ABILITY to be our best self. For ourselves, those we love, and for all those we are to inspire. 

TAKIN’ IT BACK TO…YOLO’s March of Dimes Charity Event. Giving back is what we do!





NEED A MASSAGE? Contact KASEY! 702-378-3558


Member Referral Program

For every member referral that joins WADBOD, you will be entered into a raffle to win a complementary month of membership!


Our mission is to provide the ultimate wellness center of all time…and the next evolution starts with HQ3.


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