Hey WAD Famiglia! A heads up, from Coach JDW, and Baby JOJO…




Time is running out! Time to get your votes in!!…AND until the 2019 Open Competition that is. THIS WEEK is to remind yourself of what you need to WORK on!…And VOTE!

HQ3 is going to be the shizzle! Lockers, showers, and soft serve!…OH MY!

A huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE that contributed your thoughts to how we can continue to build the most amazing fitness center in the world. Our mission is to provide every tool we need as humans to be our best self ever. While the facility, tools, and people we have will continue to change and upgrade, it is the heart of WADBOD that will never change. WADBOD is “a gathering of likeminded individuals working to better themselves, and each other” and it is the continued growth of this attribute, and all the physical and mental tools to come, that is going to make HQ3 one badass place to be.

Only 4 days left! Let’s finish strong WADBOD!

Have you gotten in your votes today?? Let’s win BOTH categories!!

FRIENDLY REMINDER: We need the power of every single WADBOD member (and family, and friends…) to vote strong UNTIL AUGUST 9TH, if we are to show that WADBOD is the BEST FITNESS CENTER, and Best Alternative Fitness Center in Las Vegas! It truly is a David and Goliath battle, as we go up against the behemoth LVAC for the honor. WE CAN DO IT!!!

VOTE: “Best Fitness Center ” and “Best Alternative Fitness Center”  JUST CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW!!

Our UNIFORMS are in!!

We ordered a few extra if you were slacking and did not get yourself on the pre-order! If you pre-ordered yours, you will find yours in your locker! 

 What’s up with BCAA’s? 

Get to know why BCAA’s can be an awesome supplement to your already awesome WADLIFE nutritional lifestyle…




A few awesome HELL YEA’s about BRIGETTE:

  • Thanks to being a former junior olympics track athlete, she gots some serious running power.
  • She is currently a vegetarian? Or is that vegan? Or is that pescatarian? Either way, the awesome part is she is always trying to eat well.
  • She has contributed the WAD SPORTS BRAS that we donate all proceeds to breast cancer awareness.
  • She has the blingiest license plate holder 
  1. Who is your immediate family?
    1. B-LEGIT: With me being the only child Im very close with my mom Elena and dad Charlie who I miss everyday with them being in Texas but lucky I have my four fur babies (Baby, Maggie, Rex, and Puppy) to keep me company!
  2. Do you have any passionate hobbies, or business, outside of WADBOD?
    1. B-LEGIT: Cooking is my number one hobby, with my diet change I’ve really been challenged and able to come up with some pretty awesome alternatives.
  3. Who was the first member to make you feel welcome at WADBOD?
    1. B-LEGIT: From the first day I walked through the door of WADBOD I literally stepped over YOLO as he laid there totally exhausted after a killer WOD. He not only made me feel welcome but gave me the drive to only be half as good as him! And he continues to do so with every workout.
  4. What is your most proud accomplishment to date?
    1. B-LEGIT: I feel the most proud of my GAINZ from WADBOD when I conquer things I never thought I could do and the strength I feel when accomplishing my workout goals.
  5. “WHY” do you train?
    1. B-LEGIT: I train for my mental stability, knowing whenever I have a lot on my mind I can count on my WAD family to help me through and wear me out physically and mentally.

HQ3 UPDATE! The saga continues….

And so the WORK continues. We are now working with planning to discover the “path of least resistance” with getting this property rezoned. Understandably, city planning has many concerns with rezoning a residential property to a partial commercial property. Although, it is our mission to show them how WADBOD HQ3 will be an undeniable positive contribution to the local community and Las Vegas! 




The WADBOD WAY excerpt of the week…We welcome ALL who come through those doors.

Because we don’t have time in this life for our ego/insecurities to get in the way of connection.




NEED A MASSAGE? Contact KASEY! 702-378-3558


Member Referral Program

For every member referral that joins WADBOD, you will be entered into a raffle to win a complementary month of membership!


Our mission is to provide the ultimate wellness center of all time…and the next evolution starts with HQ3.


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