Hey WAD Famiglia! A heads up, from Coach JDW and Baby JOJO…




Time to eradicate PROCRASTINATION! Yes, you know you should do it. Here’s your Opportunity!


To the all of you that came out to support my bro and our beloved Coach JASON do his thing at the House of Blues! It truly was a beautiful night to hang with so many of you beautiful people in real world clothes, and sand sweat ;-). If you were not able to make it, YOU MISSED OUT, but stay tuned for our next awesome gathering!




Last year we earned the title of “Best Alternative Fitness Center”, this year it is time for total domination 😉 . Earning #1 in both categories (BEST Alternative Fitness Center and Best Fitness Center) has never been done before. Anyone else get excited about the sound of that? Why push to win both categories??? (You should know by now) BECAUSE WE CAN…and because the world should know that WADBOD CrossFit This is 24 day AMRAP (as many votes as possible)!! TRES, DOS, UNO…DO WORK!!! VOTE HERE!!

No gym has ever won BOTH CATEGORIES. It’s time WADBOD showed the world that a united team of passionate and hard WORKing individuals, can do the IMPOSSIBLE. VOTE TODAY and EVERYDAY for “BEST FITNESS CENTER” and “BEST ALTERNATIVE FITNESS CENTER” until August 9th!



  • GO TO
  • Choose “Health and Beauty”
  • Choose “Best Fitness Center”
  • Choose “WADBOD CrossFit”
  • Choose “Vote in another category”
  • Choose “Health and Beauty”
  • Choose “Best Alternative Fitness Center”
  • Choose “WADBOD CrossFit”
  • Choose “Submit Ballot”
  • Choose to Give yourself a HELL YEA. You are awesome. 

NEW POLICY: Pull-ups

This applies to guys and girls:

  1. There will be no kipping if you use a band.
  2. You must be able to perform 4 STRICT PULLUP’S before you can do a bandless kipping pull-ups.
  3. WHY? Because it is the path to getting better.


A few awesome HELL YEA’s about HALEY:

  • She is self taught powerlifter! Now we know why she is so strong!
  • She is a veterinarian at Craig Road Animal Hospital, and has cured our dog of “funky breath”

  1. Who is your immediate family?
    1. HALEY: My family outside of WADBOD is Mark. It’s just us two here in Vegas; our families are in Texas and Florida. We’ve got five animals — two corgis (Albus and Ein), a chihuahua (Penny), and two kitties (Monty and Oliver). They are basically our adorable weirdo children. 
  2. Do you have any passionate hobbies, or business, outside of WADBOD?
    1. HALEY:I’m passionate about learning and reading. I have always loved to learn, and now that I’m in my career — I want to make sure I stay up to date as much as possible. It takes more effort to learn outside of school, but I find that it means so much more. I also LOVE Harry Potter. I’m a Ravenclaw and my patronus is a tortie cat. 😁
  3. Who was the first member to make you feel welcome at WADBOD?
    1. HALEY: It’s really hard to pick the first member to make me feel welcome, because everyone did! I would say, Robin was one of the first people to welcome and push me on a regular basis. 
  4. What is your most proud accomplishment to date?
    1. HALEY: My most proud gains was when I finished my first workout under the time limit. It wasn’t even a big workout, and I honestly don’t remember which one it was, but I had never finished below the cap before and it was a goal that I was always striving for. When I did it (even if it was just that one), I was super excited.
  5. “WHY” do you train?
    1. HALEY: I want to be healthy and strong. My goal is to do have a GOOD workout with GOOD technique. I want to have a family soon, and be able to be as active with them in 20 years as I am now. I also just really love sharing this journey with Mark. We’ve been together for 12 years, but he’s still the person that I want to share all my extra time with. He’s hilarious! 😂😁

A special #HELLYEA to ABBIE!

For creating and capturing such epic moments for YOLO and I. If you too would like epic photos of your amazing fitness (or your epic family!) don’t be shy to contact ABBIE! You can view her magic on Instagram @foxyphotography!


LAST WEEK! To get your 2018 edition uniform! 

We will be ordering extras, BUT each pre-order t-shirt will have the opportunity to receive a complementary Fit-AID! BUT you must text me by the end of the day today (TUESDAY) that you read this newsletter to get the offer! You’re welcome!!


AAARGH!! Why does it have to cost so much just to DO WORK?! This week I have talked with just about everyone with the city of Las Vegas (i.e. Building and Safety, Public Works, Sewer reclamation, the Water District, Planning, Zoning), and the list of requirements they are asking to set up shop continues to grow. Although, where there is a WADBOD…there is a way, and we are continuing to fight for the best wellness center on the planet. For those who do not know, Terrible Herbst is working to build a gas station on the three acres to the east of this property, but with much opposition from a few surrounding neighbors. We will be attending the council meeting this Wednesday to watch the proceedings of their proposal. If you are a member of Ward 6 in the City and would like a closer gas station, then it would be awesome to show your support! I will post soon how you can support!




The WADBOD WAY excerpt of the week…WADBOD Movement Standards. Uphold them. Because it is the right thing to do.

TAKIN’ IT BACK TO…The WALLBALL BURPEE Challenge! Can it be done??



NEED A MASSAGE? Contact KASEY! 702-378-3558


Member Referral Program

For every member referral that joins WADBOD, you will be entered into a raffle to win a complementary month of membership!


Our mission is to provide the ultimate wellness center of all time…and the next evolution starts with HQ3.


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