Hey WAD Famiglia! A heads up, from Coach JDW and Baby JOJO…




Got SUCCESS? How do you know if you don’t know where you’re going? Discover your answers this week!

WADBOD HQ3 could use your help.

Got a friend that would like to come to “Bring a Friend” 3rd Thursday? Got a business newsletter or posting opportunity? Please just let us know how we can spread the good word of WADBOD to continue to grow our amazing community.


FREE TIX in the Market! Saturday JULY 14th! House of Blues!! Be there!!!

Let’s support our multitalented Coach JASON and his new band The Revival at the House of Blues! If you haven’t seen him in concert yet, he puts on an amazing show! We will all meet in front of the House of Blues (in the Mandalay Bay) AT 7PM!!!

#HELLYEA to the always dedicated to her technique: POW!! For taking advantage of a Personal Development Session with Coach JDW!








A few awesome HELL YEA’s about ROBIN:

  • She could not do a single pushup when she started! Like not even close ;-).
  • Despite being a “once a week traditional gym go-er”, she has consistently attended WADBOD 3-5 times/week since she has started.
  • Despite suffering from vertigo symptoms, that has not stopped her from getting her HSPU’s!
  • She was one of the first ladies at WADBOD to do bandless pull-ups and T2B’s, and we are sure will soon be getting Bar Muscleups!
  • She has been WADBOD’s “interior decorator” and contributed much to the aesthetic beauty and layout of WADBOD over the years.
  • She has one of the fiercest “TRES, DOS, UNO’S”…with a close second being her husband KAREEM’S.
  • Watch all her WADBOD YOUTUBE greatness HERE!
  1. Who is your immediate family?
    1. ROBIN: I have only 3 family members on the West Coast. 2 of 3 are WADBOD members, Kareem and Skye. Then I have one member wannabe, Rain. We have a pup named Cloud, a Malte-poo. 
  2. Do you have any passionate hobbies, or business, outside of WADBOD?
    1. ROBIN: I am a jack of all trades- I have done more than most do in a lifetime and always have a hustle going. I am currently a full time family manager, run an online store for clothing/ shoes, and newly working on being a photo stylist. I love thrifting, SPORTS (like A LOT), and  being creative. I no longer make cakes for sale but it is still in my arsenal.
  3. Who was the first member to make you feel welcome at WADBOD?
    1. ROBIN: The first person to make me feel welcome was JOHN! Max was the first to greet me and I turned around to leave. JOHN called me back and welcomed me in!
  4. What is your most proud accomplishment to date?
    1. ROBIN: (3 again, 😂 ☝🏽) My most proud GAIN from WADBOD is confidence. I hold my head just a little bit higher and poke my chest out just a hint, proud to be a stronger, better ME.
  5. “WHY” do you train?
    1. ROBIN: I train to live- for myself, for my children, and for my health- and because I CAN.


What a difference a week makes! This past Saturday, we had a sit-down with the property owner to discuss an offer. We have come SUPER close to an agreement with the property owner, but still have a lot of work to research what are the total costs of getting the property rezoned and WADBOD up and running. Keep WADBOD in your positive thoughts as we continue to navigate this journey!


Meet our new Retail Manager and of course resident masseuse ;-)!

Need wrist wraps (for those snatches)? Shin guards (for rope climbs)? Or knee sleeves (for your knees)? Or anything from ROCKTAPE! See all products HERE.

Deadline to get in your order is JULY 16th! 




The WADBOD WAY excerpt of the week…WAD TIME. Get your “BUY IN’S’ done!

We sincerely want to give you the proper Opportunity to gain the most from our training program, and making sure you are prepared is essential!

TAKIN’ IT BACK TO…some of our ABILITY LEVEL Graduates! 

Certify your awesome self and ask a a Coach about taking your test today!






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For every member referral that joins WADBOD, you will be entered into a raffle to win a complementary month of membership!


Our mission is to provide the ultimate wellness center of all time…and the next evolution starts with HQ3.


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