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WADBOD is a diverse community of likeminded individuals coming together to better themselves, and each other. At WADBOD CF, we believe fitness is an incredible medium in which to live your happiest life possible; mind, body, and soul. WADBOD CF provides the opportunity to gain the body and life you deserve, within a community of amazing people working towards the same goal.
CrossFit is a comprehensive fitness program designed to stimulate your body towards elite health. We perform functional movements (ie. squats, pushup, and pullup), that have been shown for centuries to promote the body to be in its most optimal state (ie. metabolism, postural alignment, and structural integrity). CrossFit is a foundational lifestyle of real lasting fitness.

 CLICK HERE to schedule your FREE 3 day Trial Membership. After you have seen how amazing we are ;-), we will get you started with our 3 session Foundations Course to teach you the fundamentals of CrossFit and assess your current fitness level. After you complete the Foundations course, you will then be able to join the fun in our classes!

At WADBOD CrossFit, we take numerous steps to maintain an individualized focus and attention to detail, to ensure the safety and effectiveness for our members. The Foundations Course consists of THREE one-on-one sessions between you and head coach John. They are designed to assess your capabilities and possible limitations, as well as give you the foundational technique that will allow you to the movements safely, and effectively.

Yes, as part of our specialty courses, you will have the opportunity to join our NUTRI TEAM. The NUTRI TEAM program is a “no bs” science based program that will give you the guidance, education, accountability for you to achieve your most optimal weight.

As an anatomy and physiology instructor at UNLV and long time athlete himself, Coach John has an extensive background in sports related injuries and therapies. Our mission is to give you the path that will work with your issues, as well as give you every tool possible to eliminate it.

NO and NO. CrossFit is not a weight loss program. CrossFit is not a weight gain program. CrossFit is a weight optimal program. If you have excess fat, our program will stimulate that your body lose it. If you are skinny, our program will stimulate that your body gain muscle. Everyones’ “optimal” will be different, but your result will be the same: an incredible body that you will love.

The meaning of life is to discover all the gifts you have been given. The question is: will you seize the Opportunity to find out?